Networking, often more than even good financing and fiscal resources, is the foundation of a successful real estate business. Your network of contacts in real estate are key to allowing you to not just find buyers and sellers, but mortgages, inspections, agents, attorneys, and others who provide valuable services will be critical in your operations. Getting these services is not as simple as ordering them off a menu, not if you want good results in a timely and affordable manner. Take mortgage brokers, for example. Sure most people who run investment style businesses, such as a real estate company, could walk into a bank or pick up the phone looking for a loan; but a mortgage broker has his or her own network of contacts who will put the right loan in front of you, at the right time, with the right terms. Inspectors can be found in the Yellow Pages or online listings, but an inspector who’s not only affordable, but trustworthy and talented, who will save you money down the road by not missing expensive problems? When you build your network of contacts in real estate, you’re building your real estate business with a foundation for financial success. Don’t look at networking as a distraction; view it as the key to everything you’re working toward.

  • Mortgage Broker
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Contractor
  • Accountant/Broker
  • Appraiser
  • Inspector
  • Private Lender
  • Title/Escrow Agent
  • Insurance Agent

Key Points:

  • 1Networking to get to know other professionals who can work with you to be successful is the only way to go.
  • 2Having your own experts in all areas of real estate at hand can only help you grow your business.
  • 3While the effort to set up a network might require some work, it is well worth it in results.

It is okay to start small – or even use social media to your advantage – but you must put in the effort to expand your real estate investment network each and every day.