The best way to build a decent sized portfolio in the world of realty is both by investing in tax liens and buying up properties through tax sales.

It is important to research each state that you are interested in acquiring property.  Some states have monthly auction/sales and some states only a few times per year.  Each state depending on the laws favors a different kind of investor.  Of the three states presented, Georgia is great for property investors, Illinois is fantastic for redemption investors, and Florida is unique in its own ways as it is the most convoluted of them all. Tax Deed Applications need to be filed on any unredeemed tax liens within a buyers portfolio. The highest bidder is the one that wins the property during the auction conducted by the tax collector.

Nothing is more important than conduct at these public auctions, seeing as how people could go to jail just for telling someone at one of these auctions to buy the current auction and let them buy the next. And good conduct would prevent fist fights and jail time for bid rigging, as has happened in the past. And even beyond conduct, the most important things a buyer can do is leave their emotions at the door, before they end up overbidding and spending more than they wanted to.

Key Points:

  • 1The real estate tax lien industry is competitive but profitable.
  • 2Sales are done differently by state due to differences in legislation
  • 3Florida is unique in that it conducts online sales for both tax lien sales and tax deed sales.

Sales are conducted differently depending on state due to legislation surrounding sales.