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About IronClad REI

Why should I work with Ironclad REI?

We always strive for quality and value. We separate ourselves by concentrating on more extensive front end renovation and dedication to a stable and solid passive income investment.

How much does it cost to work with Ironclad REI?

The process is absolutely free. You can see our properties all on our website. We take pride in providing free access to fantastic investment properties that allow you as an investor to save time, money and energy.

Can I talk to your clients or referrals?

Yes! We actually encourage it. In our years of business, we have never claimed to do everything perfectly. We can make mistakes. However, our goal is to separate us from the competition by correcting any mistakes and dealing with all our clients in an honest, ethical, and fair manner.

I’ve never invested outside my own state, how can you help?

Ironclad REI has specifically tailored our business practices to assist investors who either invest outside of their own state or are too busy in their daily lives to invest without assistance. We have put together a program where an investor has access to all of the needed services to make your investment a successful one. From the closing attorney all the way to the bug guy, our staff has every service imaginable ready to go to work for you.

About the Investing Process

Are there still opportunities in today’s real estate market?

There are several incredible opportunities available today for real estate investors. Whether just getting started or trying to grow your portfolio, today’s real estate market has many solid investment opportunities available. Having a thorough understanding that there are multiple markets and sub-markets within each city, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Evansville IN will help you to navigate and uncover the best opportunities that each city has to offer.

Do I need to get pre-approved to purchase a house?

We work closely with all of our clients before allowing them to put a property under contract. One of the areas that we pay particularly close attention is the ability of the investor to be able to obtain permanent financing if that is the purchase strategy that the investor seeks to use. We ask that all clients get informed on their current ability to obtain long-term financing from a qualified lending company. We can assist an investor with this process, and we have different lending institutions who have vetted our company.

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