Often it’s not just about ability, or even resources. Many times, success in business comes down to who you know. Beyond customers and client lists, beyond the network of contacts that can funnel leads and acquisitions to your operation, that list of contacts should really start with your mentor. Who you know can lead to what they can teach you. There are a lot of ways to gather experience in business, and there’s never going to be a true replacement for being hands on and having gone through the process yourself, but the wisdom, forewarning, and preparation a solid mentor can impart to you is a key asset. Not everyone can learn through osmosis, and figure things out on their own. When you have a solid and stable mentor on your side, you never lack for someone you can turn to for advice, for perspective, or just to be there when you find the going has gotten kind of tough. Real estate is about finance, but at its core it’s really about people. Someone who knows not just loans and mortgage as well as renovations and finding the right piece of property, but who knows how to build networks and interface with buyers as well as sellers is someone who very well might have a lot to teach. If he or she is willing to teach you, listening could be the best investment you ever make in your business.

Key Points:

  • 1A mentor is more than a coach!
  • 2A mentor should be a role model!
  • 3The best mentor relationships happen naturally!

By being around people with attributes that don’t come as easily for you … you will improve!