Why Indianapolis?

We have heard it for years… There is nothing to do in Indianapolis. This city literally got its name from a time when visitors traveled through the area, the recommendation was for them to “take a nap”.

We can happily report that the “Sleeping Giant” is waking up! From recent Fortune 500 companies moving in, to a slew of Fortune 1000 companies relocating their headquarters to Indianapolis, things are beginning to improve for this once sleepy city. Professionals are impressed with the quality of life offered, the low cost of living and the technology talent this great city has to offer (Indiana turns out more IT engineers than any other state).

Years ago, the outskirts of the town consisted of 62nd St. and Broadripple on the northside. After 30 years or so, it has grown and moved as far north as 161st St. in Westfield! The northside now boasts 3 nationally recognized, Top 5 cities to live in in the U.S.; Fishers, Carmel and Zionsville.

Downtown Indianapolis has gone through major transformations. Over the last few years, what has once seen a city filled with voids of neighborhoods during a pre-gentrification period, is now viewed as a city with pockets loaded with top-end restaurants, cafes, breweries, etc. These amenities add tremendous value to the “old neighborhoods” and create incredible investment opportunities!

The city that was once asleep, now features a remarkable, diverse food culture, entertainment and popular nightlife! Indianapolis’s growth makes Indiana one of the top rental markets in the U.S.! Investors from places such as SoCal, Israel, New York, China, etc. are jumping on the opportunities that are available now!