One thing that’s obvious when it comes to real estate is it takes money. Property, and the buildings upon them, don’t come cheap. To get into the real estate game, you’ve got to have investment capital. Since most of us aren’t rich, many real estate entrepreneurs focus just as much, sometimes more, on assembling investors and investment capital as they do on the right deals and locations to use that capital on.

The truth of investment is there is no shortage of people who have more capital than they do interest in doing the nuts and bolts work of making an investment work themselves. Venture capitalists, large or small, big business or individual with equity, are entities looking for someone else to provide a return on their investments. For people willing to work, those who have the talent and intelligence and drive to stay plugged in and make a real estate project into a success, venture capital can let you turn your sweat equity into money in your bank account. Aside from actual venture capital firms, you can network and make deals backed by private investors, or even general lenders who agree to sign on the dotted line you offer them. There are also various equity account holders, such as managers of pension and retirement accounts, who might be willing to invest in the right real estate deal. And for those on either side of a deal looking for a quick turn around, real estate wholesaling offers that fast flip as long as the right deal is managed by the right person.

Key Points:

  • 1It is possible to invest in real estate with only other people’s money (OPM).
  • 2Selling investors on “you” is just as important as your deal when wooing people to give you their money.
  • 3You can use your 401K to help fund real estate investments without penalty.

Investors with the ability to raise capital are already ahead of most of the competition.