There is an opportunity in every crisis.

A vast number of people in the US have no savings and cannot come up with a down payment to buy a property.  With fewer buyers and lots of people to house there is great opportunity for owning rental property.

Consider suburbia.

Major metropolitan areas are safe bets when it comes to rentals.  Cities have the most population and the most people who need to be housed.  But don’t overlook the suburbs.  Many people with families still find the suburbs a good option.  Rental prices may be less expensive but tenants are usually happy to stay for longer because they are connected to the location thru schools and churches.

Don’t go it alone.

You want to choose a professional investment counselor that is with you for the long haul and is willing to put their own money towards the properties they recommend.

Invest your money directly.

When you use a third party or investment group to buy, sell and rent for you your goals and risk tolerance will be decided by the group.  The more control you have of your investments the better control you have of your future.

Key Points:

  • 1Right now the rental market is hot, providing investors great opportunity.
  • 2Cities have the largest markets for rental properties.
  • 3Invest directly and you keep control of your assets.

It is no secret that a significant portion of the population does not have any savings (the crisis), presenting real estate investors with a great deal of opportunity to step in and serve the population.