A key component of successfully investing in real estate is finding sellers who are ready and willing to sell their properties. It’s not enough to find properties that are good investments, or that can be turned into profitable ventures; those pieces of real estate have to be available for purchase. That starts and ends with a seller who is willing to sign on the dotted line when you offer them a price. And even if you are someone who has world class negotiating and sales skills, you could still find yourself in the unfortunate position of pursuing deal after failed deal if you can’t locate these motivated sellers.

A lead generating system that identifies motivated sellers and turns those sellers into deals is all important.  Setting up a 28 day system from finding a list to personally speaking with a property owner about a deal can happen in a 28 day lead system. You need a system for finding motivated sellers in order to be a success at real estate investing.

4 Step 28 Day System

  • Compile a list of property owners in the area of interest.
  • Determine the best marketing message to excite these property owners.
  • Send direct mail to your list, establish a website and put in place a phone follow-up system.
  • Follow up with leads and contact those interested and determine an offer.

The List is all important.  You can create lists from realtor contacts, divorce and probate attorneys, absentee owners, out-of-state landlords, foreclosures or properties with liens.

Key Points:

  • 1A motivated seller wants to sell the property at a very favorable price which is 10-30% below market average.
  • 2A motivated seller wants to get out of their property quickly
  • 3Sources of leads can be found on Craigslist, Zillow and even Facebook.

Ironically, the more you’re able to segment your list of buyers, provide them with marketing materials that speak to them on an emotional level (and promise a way out of their situation) and talk to them in a conversational way, the more you’ll find the task of learning how to find motivated sellers far easier than you think.